Alec Austin (alecaustin) wrote,
Alec Austin

Belated Trip + Concert post

I got back from Minneapolis late on Tuesday night, and I've been kind of swamped by work stuff since, so this is playing catch-up. That said, the Josh Ritter concert I went to last Saturday with mrissa and timprov was really good - well, it was good once Josh hit the stage, anyway. The opening act was some Irish folk-rocker who (as Mris noted during the encore he did with Josh) should probably have been playing Everly Brothers covers instead of his own songs. (Which isn't to say that he exactly knocked said cover out of the park either...)

That said, Josh completely rocked the joint, leading me to make an exhibition of myself by headbanging along to "To the Dogs or Whoever," after singing along with everything except the songs off The Animal Years (which I have yet to pick up). The mid-song breakdown he did for "Harrisburg" was the stuff of beauty, and he was clearly having a great time up on stage.

I finished "Matron Saint of Murder" (11,500 words of plot convolutions that have been percolating since 4th Street) on Sunday, and watched Summer Wars with the aforementioned plus markgritter while the snow came down in gobs and blankets. (It was good and a lot of fun, though Mark amused me greatly by pointing out that there is literally no reason why space probes would ever use GPS guidance.) The next day, the snow was still coming down, and I got to watch the driveway shenanigans Mris recounted. It took getting their truck to slide sideways to convince the nimrods in question that 4-Wheel Drive was not, in fact, magic and that they were going to need to bust out the snow shovel to get themselves some traction. Then they got stuck again. Twice.

Other highlights included playing the Battlestar Galactica board game (which I liked very much) on Monday night - I was not an evil robot, though I did manage to wipe out the human race in the course of establishing that yes, in fact, there *is* such a thing as overkill/using too much force - and having lunch with porphyrin at Rice Paper's new location on Tuesday. All in all, it was a very good trip, and I very much look forward to going back for Minicon in April.

(Also, why did no one tell me that a new Kamelot album came out? And a Blind Guardian album, and an Elvenking one, and a Birthday Massacre one? I mean, I'm glad, but it would be nice to know these things in a semi-timely manner. I think I feel a music post coming on, which will probably prompt the usual reaction, which is to say, deafening silence.)
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