Alec Austin (alecaustin) wrote,
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SFWA kerfuffle linkspam

This isn't trying to be comprehensive, but I feel like a lot of people have been making smart points about things in the wake of the most recent article by Resnick and Malzberg in the SFWA Bulletin (which can be read here - scroll down - if you have the tolerance for it).

* E. Catherine Tobler has written a letter resigning her membership.

* Kameron Hurley has an appropriately brutal response to Resnick and Malzberg.

* Ursula Vernon asks whether SFWA is an abusive relationship or an untrained puppy. (Read the comments, especially those of lwe and timprov.)

* Caroline Ratajski has collected a list of the good things SFWA does.

Many people I like and respect are SFWA members, and I'm confident they've done good work and good things while a part of the organization. But the recurrence of this sort of incident, and the fact that a lot of SFWA's dysfunction appears to be baked into the organization's structure (e.g. 3 pro sales and you're qualified for life; the secrecy rules re: the online forums; the lack of any sort of barriers to the recent Vox Day embarrassment) isn't really encouraging.
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